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5 reasons for your company to blog today

Kurt Graham

Make a Blog? I can say with absolute certainty that the blog is now one of the main mechanisms for attracting traffic to the site. And more than that: a very efficient way for a brand to become an authority on any subject or segment - as long as it publishes good articles, of course.

Therefore, blogging should be a priority for companies that want to establish a strong presence in the online universe. This is an important strategy within the so-called inbound marketing

To prove what we're saying, I'm going to give you at least five reasons for your company to blog today. Follow in the article.

Why should I blog?

Before I give you the reasons, I have a very important thing to say: it is useless to post a blog and put it on the air and not feed it regularly. Another crucial point: the content needs to be in line with what your audience expects, with quality texts and appropriate language, if you are experience issues with content for your blog, you can try to seek help from a buy essay services.

That done, get to work.

Reason 1: Making a Blog helps with organic search results

A friend of mine who works in PayForEssay writing assignment helper always says that: the more you talk about a certain subject, with quality and in the right way, the more your blog will propel your site to organic search results, those in which there is no need to advertise to appear. It is worth remembering that 70% of internet users click on natural results links ( SEO ), there is one more reason for you to blog on your site.

Reason 2: opportunity to strengthen relationships

Define your audience, analyze what they want and offer relevant content according to their interests. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen the relationship with users and establish a relationship of trust between your brand and the consumer.

Reason 3: to become authority on some matter

Another essential point is that, with so much writing with ownership and expertise on a certain subject, your brand or company ends up becoming an authority in that segment. If you have a hair salon, for example, instead of directly selling a revolutionary launch for hydrating blond hair, the articles can explain the efficiency of a certain chemical component that makes up that product.

Reason 4: promote your social networks

Undoubtedly, if your company produces quality articles on a subject of interest to that audience and shares it on social networks , it is very likely that he will become a fan or follower of your pages, so that he can follow closely everything your brand does. publishes on the blog.

Reason 5: increase traffic to your site

Research shows that companies that use blogs correctly tend to gain 55% more traffic than sites without a blog. This shows that the more people who visit your site, the more opportunity you have to increase your relationship with potential customers.

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